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Crystal in a Flower shape. Fur and other rough edged objects are no problem with our pro techniques. Clear and coloured glass shot using our pro techniques leaves just enough dark areas to clearly make out its features, shape and form. f0.8 on our DX and f1.2 on our full frame cameras means lots of light being captured by the CCD. Basically photos can be taken noise free in ordinary house lighting, capturing indicator lights, lcd displays, candles and other low lights that would disappear with studio lighting.

Beautiful images that inspire customers to buy

We can shoot in-studio or on location showing the product in use and in context.

Multiple images of the one product or service can be taken illustrating its unique selling points, features and benefits, also giving your graphic designer or print house plenty of resources.

Details and cropped views give your graphic designers more material to work with, having a bank of images lets your designer work to their full potential, also your bespoke imagery is far more effective and conveys a more cohesive message, than generic stock photos!