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Jewellery box with lid mirror, showing the 2 lift out trays. Gloss black backgrounds or black velvet really enhances jewellery shots. Lots of props and textures to photograph pieces on. Cropped section showing the incredible detail of the Hasselblad digital camera. The precise colour range and tonality of the Hasselblad lenses and digital back is still unsurpassed by any D-SLR on the market.
We have hand models that can model your bracelets, rings, earrings, watches etc. 1960s style retro film effect imaging High resolution sharp imaging means that you can reproduce perfectly up to poster size. Reflective and metallic objects are no problem with our pro techniques.

Jewellery & Small Items Photography

Our macro photography system produces stunning high resolution images of jewellery and small accessories; sunglasses, pens, lighters etc. Creative images for brochures, catalogues, advertsiing and editorial.

High resolution high dynamic range imaging in 48bit RGB means the smallest of objects can be enlarged to billboard resolution.