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Lego Models of a Gold Rush Mining Washplant.

Lego Mini figure representations of Parker Schnabel, Juan Ibarra, Tony Beets, Rick Ness & Chris Doumitt.

Hopper/Stacker HSK360 The concept for this was that a high berm would be embanked on the front side, so that the loader would drive up it and tip its bucket of pay-dirt down onto the grizzly bars (then the bars tip up to shake off rocks that are too large). The oversized hopper regulating the pay dirt onto the stacker conveyor belt. We used black duct tape on paper to represent the reinforced rubber conveyor belt. 

Water Pump HP3000 Single input, dual output; a main flow for washplant with lower bar pressure side outlet for the mine site housing.

Electrical Generator GEN3000/3 Three phase generator with built in (grey) diesel tank, power reserve batteries (for quiet night time power consumption) and domestic outputs for the mine site housing or connecting to a heavy engineer’s trucks etc. 

Project: Gold Rush Washplant (2021)

We’re fans of the Discovery Channel show, their equipment and engineering to extract a bowlful of gold from hundreds of cubic yards of dirt intrigued us. We were thinking surely this was begging to be made out of Lego.
Washplant WPT360/4 The first big quandary was the shaker deck, are we going to make this actually work out of technic. Ok so... we got the deck actually oscillating with motorised crank shaking back and forth on rollers (see black runners still on sides, the decks still can move) but the motor and crank (where the faux grey motor unit is now) was too bulky to hide and didn’t look right. Then another version with sprung mounts that vibrated the decks by eccentric wheel motion really worked but sacrificed looking 'right' for pointless functionality, so we reverted.

The second challenge was how to set the array of 4 riffles at the 9° angle for optimal gold capture but with the 1st part at a slightly steeper angle. (Like Monster Red / Big Red) So we used jumper plates to offset plate hinges across the underside of the 4 runs. Hydraulic legs that would auto adjust to combat any slippage from subsidence over its run time. We used cheese bricks centred on jumper tiles (and raised on 1x1 rounds with centre holes) to represent the wooden chocks that hold riffles screens in place over mats.

Yellow Lego model of space ship star wars o wing fighter.

Project: Gold Recovery Equipment (2021)

Rather tricky builds indeed, what you see is a culmination of many trials and tribulations to get them looking like real world machines, both built to about 2 x mini figure scale.

Concentrate Enhancer  ENH360/1S + HF3600 A mini washplant with centrifugal refinement. I coloured in the tips of a plate hinge to represent the water nozzles and used vintage parts including a cannon base for the inner workings. Using a technic seat on its back as the chute for the riffle run.

Extruder Shaking Table  XTR355/1S + HF3550 The yellow hopper is filled with concentrate, this separates the fine gold from the other heavy residues by means of a ribbed vibrating table. Gold is collected in a pot in the side cupboard. Then dried on a cooker before a weigh up. 


Lego Sorting and Storage Solutions
lego_grid_paper_download lego_plan_paper_download
Example of Lego Labels
Article: To plan or wing it? (2021)

There is no definitive right way to go about making original lego,
we like to solve a sub assembly in the hand by experimenting with parts, then move on to the next tricky bit to represent in lego. But then sketching it up on graph paper helps with the bits in-between! If you're missing a part in one colour use another colour until you can order it in the desired colour (or make a placeholder out of plain bricks). We have found when we attempt to make a lego facsimile of a real world thing, the sketch book and graph paper is the way to go. It's handy to trace the lego piece shape using a sharp pencil.

Since the very first set, lego has kept it's basic dimension system, the two PDFs have the grids for elevations (looking side on) and for plans (looking overhead). These are scale 1:1 so be sure to disable 'page scaling' or 'fit to page' when printing. It won't print right to the edge so trim to the nearest whole segment, with a Gluestick you can overlap edges to join sheets, this makes transferring dimensions from your plan to elevations and end-views a breeze. Tape a hinged edge for working out multiple layers.


Planning even roughly helps making part lists, to order more accurately. If you plan to MOC an Audi R8 for example, importing these PDF grids into photoshop, layering them over photos of the car, scaling the grid will give you a good idea what actual parts will match up to the shapes of the car and what parts are needed in between to achieve a good likeness. If you see a piece somewhere that you don't recognise, ask the creator for it's part number to find it on the parts websites, even perusing the linked PDF (left) expands your lego vocabulary.

There are lots of websites selling individual parts we think the first two are the best.
Lego Sorting and Storage Solutions Article: Our Lego Sorting, Storage & Workstation Solution (2014-2021)

In this article, I describe our ever evolving storage and easy access strategy. It put the joy back into our (MOC) building. As an AFOL, the one thing that I really disliked* about scratch building is part searching. Initially sorting by colour was our first attempt. However this sometimes slipped us into a bad habit of building in a monotone or in a single colour scheme. Arguably sorting by part ‘type’ regardless of colour, is a system favoured by the true professional builders, as picking between colours is easier than choosing between shapes. We feel this approach is a bit OTT for the average serious hobbyist. So we think this is a more practical and effective solution...

View Full Article
* more like swearing and grey hair loss!
Lego Moonbase Photoshopped Modified Modded 60228 and 60226. Project: Moon Base (2021)

Normally our creations are scratch built, but this year we incorporated and modified Lego City Sets 60228 & 60226. Extending the launch control building with a laboratory, adding airlocks and a tube elevator. With a bit of imagination this lift would also go down to subterranian sleeping quarters, food growing hot houses and other storage areas.

We put a bit of though into what's required of a Moon Space Base, such as a H2O recycling mechanism. A large articulated Telescope. The runway for the space shuttle ends at a small loading station.


Yellow Lego model of space ship star wars o wing fighter.
Project: O Wing (2019)

A scratchbuilt conceptual spacecraft for the Star Wars Universe. We used some unusual lego parts to create the outer frame and edge fins. We ended up buying two donor sets just to make the windscreen!


Red and Black Lego model of Space Station Snoke Star Wars First Order Logo. Project: Snoke's Space Station (2018)

We took a break from the minifigure scale to create a scratchbuilt supposedly massive space station for the Star Wars Universe.

It occured to me that in the recent films, it's a mystery where Snoke transmits his hologram from? (The tall, haggard skinny Sith Lord) Using the 'First Order' Logo as an inspiration we created the central black palace area, which postulates the origin of the first order logo.


Lego Architecture Scale model of a public library. Project: Public Library (2017)

This was my first attempt at a model using the Lego 'Architecture' range scale.

My concept was a building that would transform its shape during the day to bring the most sunlight into the building. The two side walls slide slowly on runners letting light into the central floors or shading the large clear semi-cylinder window.


White and Tinted Glass Lego Model Snow Scene Star Wars Hoth Space Craft Ship. Project: Hoth Modular Transport (2017)

We made a concept transport ship for the Star Wars Universe. Tinted windows for the bright snow covered planet of Hoth. Modular central containers that click together to the rear engines and front cockpit sections.

We incorporated fold down landing gear, a hinged top canopy and drop down doors on the modular container sections.

Snow camouflaged ground crew station and anti-gravity shipping crates.

Black and orange Star Wars X Wing Prototype Idea with ground crew. Project: X Wing Prototype (2017)

A concept ship for the Star Wars Universe. We incorporated working articulated wings that open to the X form using internal technic gears.

Complete with ground crew steps and 2 droids for lifting the R2 Droid and cargo out of the central hold or for weaponry changes.


MOC Lego grey and blue M wing star wars first order space ship for surveillance.
Lego First Order Hangar with the M wing docking. MOC
Project: M Wing + Hangar (2016)

A scratch built concept ship for the First Order in the Star Wars Universe.

Lego historically tended to favour blockyness and right angles, in this model we set out to introduce more angles but robustly built.

That's Y shaped you'll say, but when the wings raise and flaps lower it's like an M.

Features include movable wings and drop down landing gear. Hinged access to central engine and flaps that lift up on sides to reveal retracting laser weaponry (Pic. 3).

In the Hangar the ship hovers and reverses in to a fueling port. The gantry rotates around to form fit the cockpits.


Blue and Grey Lego Space Station Model Architecture Scale. Project: Rebel Space Station (2015)

First venture out of the minifigure scale to create a scratchbuilt supposedly massive space station for the Star Wars Universe.


Lego Vehicle Ice Crawler Snowscene Dual Cockpit. Project: Arctic Explorer (2014)

This was our first scratch built model.

The thinking was to create 6 wheel drive all terrain vehicle with an ice cutting head on a robotic arm. 6 wheel steering and dual motors.

A basically built model, but we may well revisit the idea with the aim of making a more sophisticated version, with the steering working, suspension and other refinements.


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