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Panoramic Photography

We shoot images for the actual packaging and labelling design too! Items can be shot on a white or black background or made to look isolated or floating. Uniformity across localised produce means easy localisation of websites and collateral. We have clever software that optimises images for the internet and websites - not a pixel is wasted.

Packshot & Retail Goods Photography

Great photography is so important, particularly if your product is viewed online and a consumer can't view it in their hand.

For most web or print based catalogues, we shoot products on a white background with a subtle shadow to ground an item, or isolate the product as if it's floating in space with clipping paths included. For bottles we have specialist lighting, giving us many options for highlighting reflective surfaces, in thin strips (on left of bottles/jars), squares (on right of bottles) or even circular.

Group shots of products make ideal headers for web shop categories and are perfect for small / promotional catalogues where space is an issue, items can be numbered to correspond to a price list.
Adding a coloured background can really enhance  products. Super resolution shown in crisp text (top left).