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Panoramic Photography

Products photographed on a white background ideal for web and print brochures and catalogues. We can also shoot to scale, where images are all sized relative to each other, and/or actual size versions of shots. Glass and other reflective surfaces are no problem with our pro techniques. We take additional close ups and feature shots, to create high res textures and backgrounds. Resulting in a comrehensive bank of images that in turn will realise the full potential of your graphic or web designer. Pottery and crafts can be shot on white and other textured backgrounds or made up sets. (LEFT) One off pieces can be photographed, for example some of our clients drop in to us when they get a new delivery.  (RIGHT) Effect of sympathetically styled out of focus backgrounds, showing a detail of the product for a Brochure
We have hand models that can model your bracelets, rings, earrings, watches etc. High resolution sharp imaging means that you can reproduce perfectly up to poster size. Reflective and metallic objects are no problem with our pro techniques.
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Product Photography

If you manufacture your own product, or provide a service, we can produce a bank of images for you and your resellers advertising and collateral.

A comprehensive array of royalty-free images, addressing features, illustrating the unique selling points and benefits to the end user.

We can shoot creatively, abstracting your product or service, to produce texture, background, cover shot images and more.

Uniformity of composition across an array of product sizes and options. Hand model demonstrating the product features. Your new bank of images can be available to your retailers and distributors, making their advertising and web development easier, also this gives you control of how your products are portrayed to the public - a cohesive and coherent imaging policy.