Allmono Limited - We are the photographers that will enhance the image of your product or services generating you more business!        


Discounts available for volume and regular work.

Location photography
sometimes requires an assistant and charged at Studio A rates if in Dublin.

Studio A
Ideal for products up to the size of a armchair.
This studio suits most customer requirements, with racks for temporary storage. (Blackrock, Co Dublin)

Medium Stage in Studio B, we now have a larger staging area than pictured here. Small items photography table and some racking shown on the right
Per Day Studio A   € 660
Half Day Studio A   € 360
First Hour Studio A   € 120
+ Hour Studio A   € 80
Per Day Assistant  (if required) from  € 120

Studio B
Perfect for very big products and large volumes of products and has private roadway access with a loading yard. (Harold's Cross, Dublin 12)

Large Photo Studio fully equipped and Apple Mac workstation running Photoshop.
Per Day Studio B   € 880
Half Day Studio B   € 490
Per Day Assistant from  € 120
Per Day Hand Model (if required) from  € 180
Per Day Workstation *   € 360
Half Day Workstation *   € 180
Per Day Workstation Pro Photoshop from  € 480
Half Day Workstation Pro Photoshop from  € 240

All prices are subject to vat.  Day is 8 hours.  Half Day is 4 hours.

* Basic image sizing, web optimisation, retouching, emailing and writing to CD-R / DVD-R is included in "Workstation" time

We can take a lot of images even in a half day.
Please do contact us for a personalised quote.

Allmono Limited
County Dublin
Tel: +353 1 288 9205

Ultra fast flash stops the motion of the droplets.